Do what you love. Love what you do.


One of the opportunities I love most about being an entrepreneur is the flexibility to network with different organizations in different industries serving different individuals. When I began my business, I wanted my work to be meaningful. I wanted to help my clients communicate the “why” of their business and how it benefits the greater good.

How are they responding to the pandemic?
What are they doing to combat climate change?
Who are they helping?
How can they make a positive impact?

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Virginia Thurston Healing Garden in Harvard, Massachusetts
–socially-distanced, of course! It’s a beautiful area of woodlands and gardens, complete with bubbling brooks, gazebos, water fountains and benches. It’s a place where those affected by cancer can reflect on their life. During my visit, I learned the Healing Garden serves more than 1,500 clients affected by cancer and provides support services for caregivers and families from 165 towns and cities in Massachusetts. I also learned one of their largest fundraising events is an annual bike-a-thon called Ride to Thrive.

If you’ve visited my website, you’ll know that cycling is one of my passions, as well as providing support and resources for those affected by cancer. Due to the pandemic, Ride to Thrive is a virtual event this year, and it’s rebranded as QuaranTEAM 2020, where participants can cycle, run or walk in their neighborhood.

Teaming up with the Healing Garden was a natural fit for me. I am riding as part of QuaranTEAM 2020, and I’m also working in concert with the Healing Garden through sponsorship of the organization.

Doing what I love is providing my knowledge and expertise on communications planning and tactics. Loving what I do is knowing I am making an impact where cancer patients and their families can relax, reflect, and heal.

And that is the greatest gift of all.